October 10, 2020

Seasoning Aide, (hereafter also referred to as “the Company”) establishes herein the Data Security Policy to secure appropriate information control and protection so that we can establish a code of conduct regarding the handling of data applicable to officers and employees of the Company, maintain and improve confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information assets owned by the Company, as well as be trusted by society as a whole including our customers.

Article 1 – Data security management

Seasoning Aide recognizes the importance of data security, and plans to implement the comprehensive approach detailed below in order to address data security risks.

Article 2 –  Data assets management

We conduct proper management of the data assets owned by the Company to secure their confidentiality, integrity and availability, and implements safety management efforts to prevent unauthorized access, divulgation, loss, damage and other improper handlings from occurring to said information

Article 3 – Establishment of data security management system

Seasoning Aide is developing a data security management system to implement proper data security management.

Article 4 – Establishment of data security-related rules and regulations

As a step toward implementing data security measures, the Company is establishing data security-related rules and regulations that stipulate the necessary requirements to define unified standards for acts to be complied with and judgment thereof.

Article 5 Implementation of data security measures

Seasoning Aide implements relevant data security measures corresponding to the contents of the information assets to prevent the occurrence of data security incidents.

Should a data security incident occur, we shall respond thereto quickly in an attempt to minimize the damage and prevent a reoccurrence of such an incident.

Article 6 – Data security education and training

Seasoning Aide conducts education and training on data security to make officers and employees aware of the significance of data security so that information assets can be used properly.

Article 7 – Compliance with laws and regulations

Seasoning Aide complies with all relevant laws and regulations, as well as other social norms regarding data security.

Article 8 – Assessment and continuous improvement of the implementation status of the data security measures

Seasoning Aide assesses the implementation status of data security measures to confirm that they are in compliance with this Policy as well as being in compliance with laws and regulations related to data security, and seeks continuous improvement of the same.

Seasoning Aide

Mercyln Asiamah, CEO