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  • All Purpose Seasoning

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    Description and Usage:
    • The All-purpose seasoning as the name suggests is a seasoning blend that is great on everything.
    • This seasoning brings any cooking to a perfect completion with its rich, flavourful, and refreshing taste.
    • Feel confident to use this for stewing, grilling, soups, dippings, salads, stir-fry, and all other meal preparations.
    Consist of:

    A natural blend of onions, California sweet paprika, black pepper, pink Himalayan salt (little amount), spices, and herbs including turmeric.

    Food facts:

    All our seasonings are a hand blend of the most natural ingredients;

    • Very low in sodium,
    • No food additives,
    • No artificial flavors or anti-caking agents,
    • No MSG,
    • Gluten-free,
    • Keto-friendly,
    • Zero carbs,
    • Zero calories.

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