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  • Fish and Seafood Seasoning

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    Description and Use:
    • Everyone loves to enjoy fish or seafood without that fishy smell. The “fish and seafood seasoning” blend is the formula for any fish and seafood equation.
    • This fish and seafood seasoning is great on any fish, shrimps, lobsters, prawns, calamari, oysters, and also an excellent addition to any seafood boil, crab cakes, seafood salads, and anything seafood.
    • The taste of this fish and seafood seasoning will leave you longing for more with its delicious and refreshing taste because it combines the right amount of all the needed spices and herbs for fish and seafood.
    • This fish and seafood seasoning also saves you time because all you need to do is either sprinkle or marinade, you choose.
    Consist of:

    A natural blend of ground celery seed, onion, black pepper, lemon zest, pink Himalayan salt (very little). Spice and herbs including ginger and parsley.

    Food facts:

    All our seasonings are a hand blend of the most natural ingredients;

    • Very low in sodium,
    • No food additives,
    • No artificial flavors
    • No anti-caking agents,
    • No MSG,
    • Gluten-free,
    • Keto-friendly,
    • Zero carbs,
    • Zero calories.

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